At Wilde Signs we love custom jobs that require us to create a unique signage solution that fits a customer’s exact needs. A few months ago we were approached by one of our customers about creating a custom display case that could hold rock and soil samples and would be placed at locations around the U.S to promote 2 specific products. We were excited to tackle this challenge and are very pleased with the results.

Design Phase

After the customer talked us through their needs and budget we went to work creating a concept that would cover all their bases, meet their production costs, and be easily bulk shipped to hubs in the US. Our design included these features:

  • Aluminum Frame for a lightweight, but strong base
  • Corrugated Plastic Inserts that interlocked to keep the samples separated
  • A removable plexiglass top used to protect the samples
  • A removable sign header to display product pictures and info that can also be easily changed

Production Phase

We started by cutting and bending the aluminum for base of the display case.

We die-cut 4mm coroplast into interlocking pieces that were then placed inside the aluminum base to separate the samples and hold them in place securely.

We used the same process to die-cut and score the coroplast headers so that they would be a single piece, self-supporting insert that could be easily changed out in the future.

We finished the production off by cutting a plexiglass top to cover and protect the samples.

Custom Display Inserts Picture
Custom Display Header

The Final Product

We were able to take this project from conceptual prototype to final production and fulfillment. To save on costs we bulked shipped large quantities to 3 locations where the customer will then be able to take care of distribution to individual stores.

This was a fun project and we were glad for the opportunity. At Wilde Signs we pride ourselves in forward thinking, creativity, and getting the customer exactly what they need.


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