Sometimes with complex products and services you need more then a sign to advertise well. That was the case with a recent client of ours. They needed a way to explain all the details for their farm fresh sod sale & delivery program, which included tiered pricing, multiple grass varieties and three purchase options! These are all great details that can be used to increase sales but it’s a lot of information. Our customer was looking for a sign solution that could be given to potential customers. We decided on implementing two different advertising products in the form of info cards and info booklets.

Info Cards / Apron Cards

We created informational cards that would be carried in the aprons of employees and passed out to potential sod buyers. These cards were the solution to having a low cost way to share the specifics and benefits of the sod delivery service. The Specs for these cards included:

  • Card stock paper
  • Full Color Front
  • 1 Color Back
  • Gloss Coating
Sod Info Card

Info Books / Sod Books

We wanted something that could give potential customers full details on the ordering process, grass varieties, bulk pricing, and additional resources. We put together a 16 page booklet that we bound in the corner with a Chicago screw. The specs for the Sod Books included:

  • Card Stock Paper
  • Full Color Printing
  • Double Sided
  • Gloss Coating
  • 16 Pages
  • Collated
  • Bound (Chicago Screw)
Sod Book

Project Management

At Wilde Signs we take project management to a new level. One thing we do really well is recurring sign programs. Most of the time we print multiple versions of a sign with slight variations to the pricing or verbiage and ship them to corresponding locations.

With this particular job there were multiple zones which needed area specific material as well as the global information. This meant having multiple versions of the info books created and shipped to the correct zone with area specific information on a few of the pages.

Fanned Info Book
Info Card and Book
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