As the US slowly starts to open back up after the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, a new emphasis on protecting employees and customers alike is taking the form of, among other things; protective barrier sneeze guards in most retail & business situations. Could these types of safety measures be more than just a temporary fix, but rather the new normal? It wouldn’t hurt to keep these safety measure in place long term, as we now know that being unprepared for the next event could be disastrous.

If you are looking for ways to protect your employees and customers with plexiglass type barriers, read on to learn about the unique products that Wilde Signs has to offer.

Counter Barriers

Our self standing counter barriers are a great safety measure for most retail and business situations including gas stations, retail stores of all kinds, restaurants, offices, front desks… really anywhere that you have a counter or table where employees come face to face with customers.  Our protective counter shields are made from thick polycarbonate and use 2 12″ legs to hold them upright with no supports or hardware needed.  We sell our counter safety barriers in 2 standard sizes… both 31″ high, but at either 24″ or 36″ wide.

These sizes fit most open areas, but if your situation requires a different size or shape, we can easily customized the shields to fit your exact needs. Feel free to contact us with any custom needs, or you can purchase all of our stock options at our online store here.

We use polycarbonate because unlike plexiglass barriers or acrylic shields, polycarbonate barriers are stronger and will not crack or shatter.

Hanging Barriers

If counter mount is not an option, we have a hanging sneeze guard barrier variant that may work great for you. We produce these out of the same strong polycarbonate material, but instead of feet we provide 2-4 foot chains that can attach from your ceiling to top corner holes we pre drill for you.

Our standard size hanging shield is 36″ wide x 31″ tall, but again we can customize to fit your exact needs. Feel free to contact us with any custom needs, or you can purchase all of our stock options at our online store here.

Quality at a Competitive Price

Our sneeze guard protective barriers are top quality, but at a price point I don’t think you will find anywhere else on the internet. Our goal is to provide a product that will last a long time, and look good while doing it. With our CNC routing abilities we can cut clean edges and perfectly rounded corners for a beautiful look.

The Price is Worth the Protection

For around $100 you can give your employees and peace of mind while they are coming face to face with customers or clients all day. If you run a grocery store, or gas station, or convenience store both our hanging barrier, and countertop stand up safety barrier would work great. If you own a retail store, placing a counter barrier at the point of sale cash register can protect your employees from potentially sick customers. So…. what are you waiting for?!