We love Counter Easels because they are an effective, elegant way to promote almost anything inside your c-store or retail store. Our Counter Easels are made from a hard plastic with direct to substrate printing, for a durable sign that will last a very long time.

Counter Easels are self-standing, and require no adhesive, which means you can easily move them when the time comes to clean or rearrange your space.

Cold Drinks in Coolers Counter Easel

Why You Will Love Them

Counter Easels are made from a solid piece of 3mm sintra and feature a heat-bent bend at a precise angle (a little over 90 degrees). This bend allows the sign to be stable and self-standing. Because we know that counter or tables signs will eventually be touched, bumped or moved by customers. We digitally print directly to a thick piece of plastic for a beautiful, yet durable sign that will not easily get bent, scratched or marked up. They are also very easy to clean.

Counter space by registers, coffee or fountain drink areas are usually pretty limited, but it is also a place where communication with customers is important. The beauty of Counter Easels is that they fill unused vertical space. Even with a 4″ bottom bend you aren’t really losing all that surface space because you can stack things on top of the foot, or ever place the foot of the sign partially under another rack or display.

Counter Easels can be strategically placed in areas where your customers will take notice of them. You might save a few bucks by print a “Register Closed” sign off your home printer, but that sign will need to be replaced often, and won’t look very good.

Any Fountain Drink 87 Cents
4 Cents Off Per Gallon Counter Easel

Totally Customizable

We have found that counter easels work really well at a size of 8.5″ x 11″ with a 4-inch foot to hold the sign upright. A slim version of this standard is 6″ x 11″ with a 4″ foot, but Counter Easels can be created at whatever size/proportion works best for your needs. Our CNC/Routing capabilities give us the option to get as creative as you would like!

Some cool ideas include:

  • Die-cut around important words or elements
  • Rounded top corners
  • Round, angled or wavy tops
  • Angled sides
  • Asymmetric designs
  • Shaped to fit well next to something
  • Shaped to fit a tight space
  • die-cut to match a design background

Not Just Temporary

Because of their durability, we consider Counter Easels to be both a temporary and permanent sign type. They are economical enough to work for temporary promotions, but they can also be used long term for permanent messages. Since Counter Easels take up a small amount of horizontal space, if you have a message or promotion that is needed seasonally or temporarily, you can easily store and reuse these signs on occasion or year to year.

Heat Bent to Perfection

We use heat to bend a single piece of sintra into shape. Every Counter Easel that leaves our facility is checked for balance and stability, ensuring that your signs will self-stand at the perfect angle every time.

What to Advertise Using Counter Easels

We want to spark ideas for how Counter Easels can be used. Check out the list below for great examples:

  • Sales/Promotions
  • New Products
  • Rewards Programs
  • Seasonal Products
  • Seasonal Sales
  • Food Menus
  • New/Seasonal Food Items
  • No Smoking/Warning Signs
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Informational Signs
  • Charitable Collection Programs
  • Holidays
  • Hours of Operation
  • Now Hiring
  • Store Website/App
  • Lane/Register Closed
  • Coffee/Fountain Area Information
Any Size Coffee $1 Counter Easel

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