Hose Sliders are a simple and simply brilliant temporary sign solution that easily adds another advertising point at your pumps. If you own or operate a fuel pump station or c-store, I don’t need to even stress the importance of drawing customers from the pumps into the store… you already know! Innovative sign options like hose sliders will easily put your current sales & promotions directly in front of customers pumping fuel at a price that won’t deplete your marketing budget.

There are different variations of fuel pump “hose talkers” or “hose promoters”, and while we offer a variety of them in this post, we are taking a quick look at a specific type that we like to call Hose Sliders. Read on to learn how and why this simple sign solution can change your at-the-pump advertising for the better.

At A Glance

  • Weatherproof, 1-piece, plastic based sign
  • Semi rigid material that will flex with pump hose movement
  • UV resistant ink direct to substrate
  • Easily removed for cleaning or storage or to change position on pump hose
  • Clean, elegant form factor
  • No tools or hardware needed
  • Install/Remove in seconds
  • No residual residue or marks after removal
Hose Slider - Hose Promoter

How They Work

Hose Sliders are made using a single piece of semi rigid styrene that you attach to a fuel pump hose (similar to how you would hang a permit sign from a review mirror but at the top and bottom of the sign).

Because these signs are made from a single piece of plastic, there is no assembly needed, as well as no components that can break down or fall apart.  This also allows us to offer these signs at a very low price-point, which makes them the perfect pump sign.

Installing or removing a Hose Slider takes only a matter of seconds. If you want to move the sign position on the hose, simply unhook 1 end and slide the sign to your desired location. Since there is no glue or tight clamps, when you remove a Hose Slider it leaves no trace that it was ever there.

Why They Work

Hose Sliders work by getting your advertisements directly in front of customers pumping fuel, either while grabbing the hose nozzle or when processing payment. When positioned correctly, Hose Sliders WILL be noticed by your customers pumping fuel.

Hose Slider - Hose Promoter

Endless Design Options

Hose Sliders can be cut into endless shapes, giving you the flexibility to find an option that works best for your pumps or sign design. We can also match the shape of the product being advertised for a really classy look. Our CNC, die-cut capabilities at Wilde Signs are top of the line, giving us the ability to cut any shape you can dream up.

Hose Slider Sizes

What to Advertise Using Hose Sliders

What is your best sale/promotion right now? Did you recently create a new app or website you want your customers to be aware of? Is there a product that you need to sell more of? Is there a new product being offered at your store? The answers to these questions are usually a great place to start when thinking through your at-the-pump marketing strategy. Here is a list of great Hose Slider signs:

  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • New Products
  • Rewards Programs
  • New Locations
  • Car Wash
  • Seasonal Products
  • Holidays
  • Hours of Operation
  • Change of Hours
  • Now Hiring
  • Pump Status
  • Store Website/App
Rectangle Hose Slider - Hose Promoter
Hose Slider - Hose Promoter Back
Product Shaped Hose Slider

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