Old and new collide in our recent project of installing an LED sign at the Amazon Apartment building in downtown Muskegon, Michigan. A former knitting mill turned into an industrial apartment building is a beautiful piece of Muskegon’s history rich history. We had the pleasure of removing the Amazon’s old neon sign and replacing it with color changeable LED’s inside of 6 foot Channel Letters on the rooftop of this 5 story historical building. We also retrofitted the Western Ave. sign cabinet with matching LED signage and added brand new white neon lights along the border. It was a time intensive project in the summer heat, but the final product was well worth it!

Out With the Old – In With the New

We started the project by removing the old neon lettering and lifting all 12 of the new 6 foot LED letters on the 5 story rooftop with a 100 crane. Our electricians then started work on installing the new letters into place on the existing frame and wiring all the relays together. Because we were installing color changeable LED’s we also added a wireless wifi receiver so that the owners could change the LED sign color using a mobile app.

At the same time we were busy at the shop bending neon and fabricating the retrofitted letter returns with matching LED’s and all the new wiring associated with the Western Ave. sign.

Retrofitting the Western Ave. Sign Cabinet

Rather than a completely new LED sign at the front of the Amazon Building we were able retrofit the current sign cabinet with matching LED’s and sign faces as their rooftop sign. We also repainted the cabinet a bright red to make it pop and installed new neon white along the edge. This saved us a lot of time and materials which we could then pass on to the customer.

A Modern Touch to a Historical Building

The end result is a modern touch to a unique and historical building. All the signs are backlit with color changeable LED’s which means, with the touch of a phone the property managers at the Amazon can change the color of their signs. The functionality for the LED’s includes solid colors, strobing color gradient fades and more. Below is a video of these LED’s sweet color changing ability in action!

The Final Product

We count ourselves lucky for being able to complete this project. We appreciate every job that comes through our doors and recognize them all as a gift from God. We want to deliver high quality signs to our customers and give them a great experience. Thanks to the Amazon Apartments for counting on us for all their signage needs!

LED sign’s are just a small part of what we can do. Wilde Signs can be your one stop source for all your sign and advertisement needs. Check out the rest of our website to get a feel for who we are and what we can do.

Amazon Rooftop Backlit Channel Lettering
Amazon LED sign
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