Yard Signs can be a little overwhelming during an election season, but we recommend them for any business that is in need of a temporary outdoor sign option. Why do we recommend them? Because they are cheap, simple and… they just work! Being a frameless sign option gives you the ability to use custom cut shapes, double sided prints, and roadside/off-site placement all at a low price-point. Here are a few reasons we love yard signs:

  • Low Cost
  • East to Install
  • Double Sided
  • Frameless
  • Moveable
  • Weather Proof
  • Can be Die-Cut
  • Self Supporting
  • Off-Site Advertising
Coastal Innovation Yard Signs

Ways to Utilize Yard Signs

Promote Your Brand

Looking for more local brand recognition? Build some buzz by putting a bunch of yards signs around town with your logo on them!

Advertise Products or Services

Have an awesome sale or promotion happening soon? Do you offer something that your competitors do not? Let more people outside your business know about it!

Highlight a Seasonal or New Product/Service

Yard Signs are a great way to temporarily promote a seasonal or new product/service your customers may not know about.

Name Recognition

Studies have proven that yard signs help with name recognition… that is why political campaigns have and continue to use yard signs.

Bring Awareness to Work You Have Recently Done or are Currently Doing

Does your business do outside work like painting or roofing? Put a sign in customers yards to let people know your company did that awesome job!

Direct People to an Event

Use yard signs around town to direct people to a special event or even something as simple as a house for sale or garage sale.

Not All Stakes are Created Equal

Yard Signs are definitely a low cost sign solution but you have to keep quality in mind. You can find dirt cheap options all over the internet… but in most cases you get what you pay for. Let’s face it, a yard sign is rendered totally useless after being blown over or bent beyond repair by wind gusts or harsh weather. We offer a sign/stake combination that is reasonably priced but also strong enough to hold up in even the worst weather.

At Wilde Signs we print our yard signs on 4 mil coroplast which is strong enough to withstand heavy winds, but also won’t break the bank. We hold our signs up with the strongest stakes on the market. Known as “step stakes” because they have horizontal supports that you can use to step the stakes deep into the ground for the best possible hold. They are topped with a u shaped section that slides deep into the vertical sign flutes so your sign does not get blown apart by the wind!

What We Offer

Wilde Signs offers a yard sign option that is both reasonably priced and high quality. Check out our online store for some stock design options. Don’t see what you are looking for? We are a custom shop at heart. Contact us about using your own artwork or to have our design team create a masterpiece for you! Don’t settle for cheap signs from our competitors that won’t last… contact Wilde Signs to get the most out of your money!

Estate Sale Yard Sign
Diesel Yard Sign
Now Hiring Yard Sign
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