Introducing color changing LED lighting that can be used with any canned letters, channel lettering or backlit sign! Changing your sign color used to be a long process of replacing LEDs or light bulbs, but we now have a new system available that gives you the ability to change your sign/lettering color with the touch of a button!

The remote features a rainbow wheel touch pad where you can slide your finger to dial in a specific color. This remote will work up to 20 meters from your sign, which means you can do it right from the ground or even across the street to get the full effect of how your new sign color looks. There is also a button that rotates through 18 features including:

  • Static Colors
  • Color gradients
  • Color Jumps
  • Color Flickers

Along with the above options is another button with the ability to speed up or slow down the effect for an even greater amount of flexibility!

The LED strips are high quality and can withstand even the harshest of weather. Match your sign to the season, a holiday or even the mood you are in! Reinvent yourself with the push of a button. Catch your customers by surprise. Add to any existing canned/channel lettering or use in a new sign!

Get in touch with us today! or toll free at 1.877.945.3744.

Color Changing LED Channel Letter Pink
Color Changing LED Channel Letter Remote
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