Bollards posts are a necessity for gas stations and c-stores to keep their gas pumps, buildings or other permanent outside equipment safe from accidents. But what if you could also utilize them to advertise? Using our bollard post signs you can do just that!

At Wilde Signs we offer a solution… we’ve perfected bollard post signs for both the single post and U shaped. The single post bollard sign is a tri or quad paneled coroplast sign that easily slides over your bollards for a simple yet brilliant form of advertisement.

Use Bollard Posts to Advertise!

You can advertise anything, from a rewards program, to gas savings, to items on sale or just popular products your business sells. Outside advertisement space, especially near gas pumps; is a precious commodity. While we sell other pump advertising options such as pump toppers and hose talkers, bollard post signs give you the ability to advertise on a larger scale… up to 4 feet in height… and multiple sides! If your currently not utilizing pump toppers and hose talkers we would recommend those as well.

Quality Advertising at a Low Cost

Our bollard post signs are digitally printed directly to a corrugated plastic that is designed to withstand all types of temperature and weather conditions. This solution gives the best quality at a low cost.

We print, score and ship these signs flat to save on shipping. Assembly and installation is a breeze. We added a 3 tab system that takes seconds to put together and then you just slide the sign over your bollards.

Advertising loyalty programs or sale items is essential to your business growing. Use bollard signs to advertise these types of things and entice your customers to head into your store for more products and savings!

Contact Wilde Signs for a personalized quote on bollards signs and other sign options that can seamlessly work together to promote your brand, increase sales and get more customers into your store! We offer high quality products at a competitive price. We love creating custom sign options to help our customers achieve their advertising goals, while maintaining their budget.

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