The average person drives over 13,000 miles a year. If you are driving a vehicle for your business, that number could be much higher! A lot of that can feel like wasted time getting from point A to point B but with a small investment you can turn your drive time into advertising and brand awareness by putting custom vehicle graphics on your vehicle!


Vehicle graphics or decals are one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Unlike billboards and most other forms of advertising there is no reoccurring cost. Once you make the initial investment on the design and instillation you can keep advertising as long as your vehicle is on the road! On average it takes 5-7 impressions before someone remembers your brand. Vehicle wraps are one of the best ways to gain that local brand recognition. If you have a small advertising budget or are just starting to advertise your business vehicle graphics can be a great starting point


In most traditional advertising forms you are waiting for people to see your commercial or ad, but since your vehicle is mobile you can bring your brand to your target audience. This could be driving or parking your vehicle near a large event or even participating in a parade. Your vehicle basically becomes a movable billboard! Your advertising can now be efficient and effective. You can also reach a wider audience because you will be advertising everywhere you go.

J Stevens Full Vehicle Graphics


One area that is often overlooked is aggressive vs. non-aggressive advertising. Most of the time people do not appreciate ads that interrupt their online actions or seeing an overabundance of billboards, but I don’t think most people mind a sweet vehicle driving past. In fact, they will probably admire your vehicle while subconsciously committing your brand to memory! They will probably remember you… but not as a brand that was pushing anything on them.


I can think of a few local companies that I know of because I saw their vehicles driving around with cool graphics. You probably do to. A plain white van is basically unnoticeable, but bright, highly attractive vehicle graphics will attract positive attention. First impressions are important. People will take notice of how your vehicle looks and assume you are taking what you do seriously! This is another way to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Lasco Full Vehicle Graphics
Plantenga's Full Vehicle Graphics


Wraps are a great way to protect your vehicle from small dents, scratches and road road debris. The vinyl is applied in such a way that when it comes time to sell or trade in the vehicle the vinyl can be easily removed by a professional. In most cases some to all of the money you spend on a vehicle wrap will be returned in the form of a higher resale value!


Vehicle graphics are a low cost solution to effective, local advertising. Get the most out of your vehicle per mile! Contact Wilde signs for a free estimate in turning your vehicle into increased sales and brand recognition! We do an amazing job at designing and installing wraps for any vehicle or trailer.  |  1877.945.3744

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