Outdoor advertising is a very important part of reaching new customers. This can be done through billboards, curb side signs, banners, sidewalk signs, yard signs just to name a few, all with the same goal of promoting your brand, products or services in a way that entices potential customers to head your way.  You might only have 1 second to grab someone’s attention… don’t waste it! Now that you know what’s at stake here are a few things to consider when advertising outdoors.

Keep it Simple

You might be tempted to add a variety of fonts and images to add character, but avoid that temptation and keep your sign simple whenever possible. Simple is the key because, like I said you might only have 1 second to catch a potential customers attention.

Take time to look over your signs verbiage and make sure that it is as simple as possible, and easy to understand. Cut out any words or pictures that do not make a big impact on your message. Use common acronyms to save valuable sign real-estate. Use clean heavy weighted fonts that are easy to read. Add contrast between your text and your sign background. Don’t overlap elements when not necessary.

Food Truck Wind Sign

Sign Size Can Make It or Break It

Larger signs are required if being viewed from a distance or driven past at a high rate of speed. Take into account where your sign will be placed and how large it needs to be for the average person to spot it, read it and understand it! Yard Signs do NOT work well on roads with a speed limit of 45+ especially if they have small text! A 10 foot banner will grab the attention of passing cards well, but might be overwhelming for someone walking next to it.

Be aware of your target viewing location and plan accordingly. You might be trying to save money by going small, but in the end your sign will be a waste of resources if no one can read it!

We offer a line of really cool snap lock frames that are a good size for both curb side and sidewalk applications.

The Camera Shop window Graphics

Don’t Camouflage Your Sign

Use colors that contrast with your sign’s surroundings. If your sign will be used at night you might want to stay away from a dark color scheme. If your sign will be used in an urban environment you probably want to stick with bright/bold colors. You want your sign to be noticed…. so plan accordingly!

Offer Something Good

Selling a product or service at a discount usually brings in less profit, but in the long run it could net you new customers and more regular price purchases! It can take a very sweet deal to attract new customers, but think of your business as a marathon, not a sprint.

Free Standing Sign Frame

Avoid the “Laser Printer” Sign

Yes, it takes time and money to create a good advertising campaign, but printing out a piece of paper (which I have seen many times) is almost never the right choice! Quality signs and frames are not necessarily cheap, but if you don’t take yourself seriously why will potential customers? Hire a professional designer instead of doing it yourself. Order quality signs and frames that will enhance your message.

At Wilde Signs we want to be your sign provider and we want to see your business succeed. We offer a wide variety of sign and frame solutions for almost every need as well as professional design services. We also love to help customers think through their advertising campaigns in fact… we specialize in monthly sign promotion kits for chain stores and C-stores. Hopefully this post was helpful. Hopefully you will consider Wilde Signs next time you need a sign!

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Custom sign projects & manufacturing is our specialty. Don’t be overwhelmed by creating a solution on your own. Pass your projects off to us and we will see it through to outstanding results–beginning to end.

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